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Fisherman Lost Overboard

he crew F/V ELAINE has notified the Coast Guard that one of their crew had gone overboard and was missing. A full-scale search was launched by air, sea, and beach by Coast Guard, local Monterey County fire departments, and California State Parks, but so far the man has not been found. The crew of ELAINE apparently were not certain exactly where their mate had gone overboard, so the search has extended roughly nine miles off the coast of Moss Landing, which is approximately fifty miles south of San Francisco, and between the Pajaro and Salinas Rivers. The search continues this afternoon, but is no longer full-scale.

4/9/12 UPDATE:
The missing man’s name as yet has not been released, but, according to John Pennisi, captain of ELAINE, the man was a long-time employee and is the 42-year-old father of two children, one of whom he said had just had her birthday. Apparently, the crew were setting up for the day when the captain asked the man if he wanted some coffee, which the man declined. When the captain came back from the cabin a few minutes later, the man was gone from the deck, and the search began. He is said to have been wearing orange foul-weather gear, but no life jacket.

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