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Fire at Ladysmith Docks

A fire struck the Ladysmith Maritime Docks early morning on January 6, 2011 which resulted in major property damage and a loss of life.

According to news sources, a 49-year-old Revelstoke man collapsed while running from the fire. The cause of death is unknown, but officials say firefighters and BC ambulance round the man lying in medical distress when they arrived at the burning wharf. At this point, sources assume it was a heart attack.

In addition, three boats sank, five houseboats were destroyed and other boats were damaged.

There is no speculation on the cause of the fire. According to the Cowichan Valley Citizen, pin-pointing the source will be a challenge due to heavy rains that occurred all night, washing away any potential evidence.

There is no news on the state of the docks and marina.

If you have any information on this incident, please contact Ladysmtih RCMP at 250-245-2215

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