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FATE HUNTER Partially Sunk

65-foot, steel-hulled fishing tender FATE HUNTER, ran aground near Shoup Bay, four miles west of Valdez. None of the four-person crew were injured. The crew of Good Samaritan vessel, F/V AKEMI, took the FATE HUNTER crew aboard and safely to Valdez.

Reportedly FATE HUNTER had on board 150,000 pounds of fish, 1,500 gallons of diesel, 300 gallons of hydraulic oil, 100 gallons of lube oil when she grounded. Although no major structural damage was reported at that time, a light sheen was seen in the area.

Reports indicate FATE HUNTER has turned on her side and partially sunk, changing previous plans to refloat her into a salvage effort to remove fuel before removing her from the beach. Weather is calm, and containment booms surround the vessel.

An investigation into the grounding is underway.

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