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F/V Ocean Hunter death investigation

The Alaska State Troopers today released the following:

On 5/2/18 a death was reported on the F/V Ocean Hunter, a 95-foot longline trawler in the Bering Sea. The deceased person is Christopher O’Callaghan, 55, of Kodiak. O’Callaghan was on the deck while the vessel was tied off to another vessel in the open sea, transferring fish. A slack line suddenly went taut, striking O’Callaghan on the chest, causing bruising and internal injuries, resulting in his death. The incident was witnessed by several crewmembers. Next of kin have been notified. O’Callaghan’s body was transported to Dutch Harbor and then to the state medical examiner at their request.

Troopers’ spokeswoman Megan Peters said the death appears to have been accidental. Officials are still investigating.

Alaska Weathervane Seafoods owns the fishing vessel. The company specializes in catching and rapidly freezing weathervane scallops for shipment around the world. It also fishes for Pacific cod in the Bering Sea.

The other vessel involved is believed to be Intrepid.

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