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F/V Juda Lee – crewman lost overboard

A Crewman from the Fishing Vessel Juda Lee went overboard about seven miles west of Nome, on Friday. With no life jacket, he was last seen sinking below the water surface by crew aboard his vessel. The Coast Guard at last report is searching for the man.

Several Coast Guard helicopters, including from Kotzebue, have been engage in the search for the man who reportedly had no life jacket approximately 7 miles west of Nome.

Alaska State Troopers reported that the man fell overboard, and that the Juda Lee crew’s attempts to recover him were not successful.

The Coast Guard also issued an urgent marine information broadcast to alert mariners in the area.

Water temperature was reported at 43 degrees. Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Seth Caron stated “When a person goes into cold water with no life jacket, our chances of finding them alive are vastly diminished.”

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