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F/V Desire Abandoned, crew safe

Coast Guard rescued five people from a life raft late Monday after the 67 foot fishing vessel Desire sank approximately 20 miles offshore from the mouth of the Umpqua River.

A sinking vessel is a much more dangerous circumstance than most workers face, and the law of the land provides protection and compensation for those suffering from such perils according to who found to be at fault. An experienced Maritime Law firm specializing in these matters can make sure the crew involved is properly taken care of.

About 9pm the captain aboard the 67-foot fishing vessel Desire, homeported in Neah Bay, Washington, called for help on VHF radio and reported the vessel was taking on water. He also reported they were preparing to abandon ship into a life raft. Desire’s EPRIB was activated and the vessel’s location and owner information was transmitted to Coast Guard.

Rescue helicopter from Newport and North Bend, and 47-foor Motor Lifeboat rescue boatcrews from the Siuslaw River and Umpqua River deployed. Once on scene at about 9:30 pm, the helicopter crews located the survivors in the life raft and rescue swimmers facilitated hoisting the survivors. While the helicopter crew rescued the survivors, the Coast Guard boat-crews remained on scene to assist.

“The fishing boat’s crew all had survival suits, properly deployed their survival raft, and shot two flares to assist us in locating them,” said Lt. Conor Regan, a helicopter pilot from Coast Guard Air Station North Bend. Additionally, Regan added that the EPIRB’s transmission allowed watchstanders to confirm details of the radio distress call and expedite the rescue.

Following the successful hoists of all five people from the life raft, the survivors were taken to Air Station North Bend where their care was transferred to awaiting emergency services personnel. In this case there may be no visible injuries but many mariners are not so lucky and need legal help to determine their rights and get compensation when it is due.

by Tom Evans, Injury at Sea.

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