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Disoriented Boaters Rescued near near Ugashik, Alaska

Two overdue boaters on the shore of the Dog Salmon River near Ugashik, Alaska, were rescued on Tuesday.

The Coast Guard aircrew picked up the boaters and transported them to Ugashik.

Coast Guard 17th District watchstanders received a call from the men’s employer about the 24-foot skiff. The employer reported the men were four hours overdue and were last known to be in the vicinity of Ugashik Bay. The Kodiak aircrew was directed to launch and conduct the search.

“The two boaters got disoriented in the dark and ran out of gas,” said Lt. Matthew Keiper, one of the helicopter pilots on the case. “Fortunately, someone else knew their float plan, and they were able to start a fire to signal the helicopter since they had no other signaling devices. We are just glad we were able to locate and get them home safely.”

Weather on scene was reported as 10 miles of visibility and 11 mph winds.

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