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Deckhand Fall Lawsuit

A deckhand, who suffered injuries after a fall accident on a barge, has filed a Jones Act lawsuitt in federal court in Louisiana against his employer, a construction company.

According to the lawsuit, the injury occurred in December 2010, when the man was working on a barge used by Boh Bros. The barge was being used in the construction of a bridge on Lake Pontchartrain. There was an open manhole or some other object on the barge that the seamen could not observe due to the darkness.  As a result, he fell and suffered injuries.

According to the lawsuit, he had requested a flashlight, but his request was denied. The lawsuit accuses Boh Brothers of negligence. The lawsuit also claims unseaworthiness because the seaman was not provided flashlights while walking in a darkened area of the vessel. The lawsuit seeks more than $700,000 in damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering, mental anguish, lost wages, and other damages.