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Cruise Ship Without Power

Before dawn on Monday, Feb 27, fire broke out in the COSTA ALLEGRA electric generator room. The fire was extinguished before it could spread or cause any injury, but the ship has been left without electrical power for such necessities as ship propulsion, lights, or air conditioning. Back-up generators will keep communication gear and control room lights running.

The general emergency alarm was sounded, at which time the passengers and non-emergency crew gathered at muster stations. There are said to be 636 passengers, including eight Americans and thirteen Canadians, who are remaining in large public rooms and open areas on board instead of in their own cabins. Most of the rest of the passengers are European. There are also said to be 413 crewmembers.
COSTA ALLEGRA was near Alphonse Island, en route from Madagascar to the Seychelles, when she lost power. She is operated by Costa Crociere in Italy, which is owned by Carnival Corporation in Miami.

According to reports, COSTA ALLEGRA is stable and in otherwise good condition, and there are no known injuries. A large French fishing vessel, TREVIGNON, has taken the cruise ship in tow toward the Seychelles, while two other tug boats are reported to be on their way toward COSTA ALLEGRA. Passengers are expected to be taken ashore when they arrive at Victoria, on Mahe Island in the Seychelles, some time this Thursday. Costa reports that helicopters will supply food and other necessities to those aboard.

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