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Cruise Ship Crew Death

The death of a cruise ship crew member, who fell into the Lyttelton Harbour in New Zealand and died, is being linked to a rusted rope that was so corroded it broke.

The Indonesian crewmember fell off a lifeboat.  He was greasing the wires of the lifeboat on the side of the MS Volendam along with a fellow worker when the wire broke, and the two men fell into the water.  Other crew members on the vessel threw a bucket into the water, rescuing one of the crewmembers.  However, the Indonesian crewmember died.  His body was recovered several hours later.  Neither crew member had been wearing a life jacket at the time.

According to investigators, the wire on the lifeboat that failed and broke was heavily corroded.  Not only that, investigators also found many other wires on lifeboats on the same vessel that were heavily corroded.  Inspectors believe that the design of the lifeboat davits makes it difficult to apply a coating of grease to the wires.

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