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Cruise Ship – Cargo Ship Collide

Passengers aboard the Costa Classica got a scare when the 1,300-passenger cruise ship was damaged in a collision with a cargo ship during an Asia cruise. Some minor injuries were reported among passengers, Italian cruise line Costa Cruises says.

The accident occurred in the Yangtze River as the cruise ship returned to Shanghai from Cheju, Korea, reports Seatrade Insider. After the 4:46 a.m. collision with the Belgian-flagged Lowlands Longevity, passengers on the Classica were summoned to their emergency muster stations. Several reported to the ship doctor with minor injuries, and three passengers were sent ashore for medical care, Costa Cruises says.

Seatrade says local news images show the ship docked in Shanghai with a 60-foot scrape or gash along its starboard side on Deck 5, a deck below the lowest level of cabins, but well above the water line.

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