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Cruise Liner Deck Fire

915-foot cruise ship GRANDEUR OF THE SEAS suffered a fire in the aft mooring area at the third deck level. The fire travelled to the crew lounge on the aft fourth deck where it was doused by on-board firefighting personnel.

The fire was reported 35 nautical miles northwest Grand Bahama. The Coast Guard sent aid by air and sea as well as issued UMIB and AMVER alerts, then provided an escort to Freeport, Grand Bahama. Her next port of call would have been Coco Cay, halfway between Grand Bahama and New Providence, Bahamas. The rest of the seven day cruise has been cancelled and the guests on board will receive a return flight back to the States, a full refund of this cruise, and a voucher for a future trip.

According to reports, none of the 3,020 passengers and crew were injured, nor was there any reported necessity to evacuate the ship before reaching Freeport. GRANDEUR OF THE SEAS is operated by Royal Caribbean International and is Bahamian flagged, the NTSB will work with Bahamian authorities to investigate the cause of the fire.

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