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Crewman Lost Overboard from F/V Pail Rider

The Coast Guard is searching for a crewman from the commercial fishing vessel Pail Rider who went overboard at approximately 3 a.m. in the water in Nushagak Bay, Monday.

The man was reportedly not wearing a life jacket, but was wearing orange pants and bib. The crew aboard the Pail Rider fired flares and other vessels arrived on scene to assist with the search. Approximately 10 good Samaritan fishing vessels are on scene assisting with the search.

by Tom Evans, Injury at Sea.

“We are hopeful that with the bright-colored clothing, we have a stronger chance of locating this person,” said Ray Dwyer, Coast Guard 17th District command duty officer for the case. “Going overboard without a life jacket greatly reduces the likelihood of survival, especially in cold water. But with the help of all the good Samaritan crews out there, we’re doing everything we can.”

Approximate conditions in Nushagak Bay at the time the man entered the water included a water temperature of 52 degrees and an air temperature of 54 degrees.

The Pail Rider is home-ported in Dillingham.

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The vessel owner/employer may be found liable for unseaworthiness claims. For example, if the vessel was not equipped with proper life vets – large chesty variety that hold the head up out of the water, and also if there was no strobe light on the life vest this may have contributed to the inability to find the seaman. As with any maritime accident or injury, the incident should be throughly investigated before reaching any conclusions.

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