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Crew Rescued from Fire

On Saturday, April 21, 70-foot Taiwanese F/V HSIN MAN CHUN caught fire, the ten-person crew abandoned ship. The Coast Guard at Guam received an EPIRB signal from HSIN MAN CHUN at around 4:30 p.m., as well as word from a rescue center in Taipei that HSIN MAN CHUN’s sister ship had radioed to them that HSIN MAN CHUN was on fire and that her crew were abandoning ship.

As HSIN MAN CHUN was about 700 miles west of Guam, it was a U.S. Navy P-3 aircraft out of Kadena Air Base in Japan and a 950-foot bulk carrier in the area that came to the rescue. The P-3 crew located HSIN MAN CHUN and noted that eight crew were in a life raft while two crew were still on the bridge. The P-3 crew dropped two life rafts and notified the crew of M/V SEMIRIO, which was forty miles away. Once at the scene, SEMIRIO launched a small boat and rescued all ten HSIN MAN CHUN crew members.

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