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Crew Missing after Tugboat Capsize

The Coast Guard has completed its search for a crew member who went missing after his tugboat capsized off the California coast earlier this week.

According to the US Coast Guard, it received a distress call from the 43-foot tugboat Richardson’s Bay on Saturday.  Coast Guard crews responded to the scene of the accident, and rescued one crew member who was in the water.  The man had suffered from mild hypothermia, and was treated for these injuries.

Another crew member, from San Alselm in California, is still missing.  According to the Coast Guard, after issuing the Mayday call, both crewmembers abandoned the tugboat.  One of them was wearing a life ring, while the other grabbed an inflatable boat.  The man, who was wearing a life ring, was picked up by the Coast Guard, while the other man continues to remain missing.  Both the life ring as well the inflatable boat later washed up on shore.

The Coast Guard with a small boat crew, a helicopter air crew as well as a Coast Guard cutter conducted a search and rescue operation.  The search lasted for more than 8 1/2 hours and covered 44 sq mi.  On Sunday morning, the Coast Guard called off the search.

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