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Company Denies Blame for Fatal Accident

In June this year, two fishermen were killed in a deadly maritime accident after their fishing boat was involved in a collision with a tug boat pushing a massive formation of barges. The company that owned the tugboat in that collision has now denied all responsibility for the collision. Further, the company, Serodino Inc. insists that the fishermen themselves were to blame for their deaths.

On June 19, the fishermen were in their fishing vessel when they spotted a tugboat pushing a massive barge formation. The barge formation was a total of 647 feet long. According to the fishermen, they spotted the barge when it was about 300 feet away and were not able to avoid a collision because the engine on the fishing boat stalled. The collision killed two of the fishermen, and one survived.

An investigation by the US Coast Guard has focused on whether the boat had a lookout. The Coast Guard team is also investigating whether the fishing vessel had a lookout. Drug and alcohol tests have been conducted on the two victims, the surviving fishermen as well as the nine crew members were on the barge. The tugboat company Serodino insists that it was not at fault in this accident. It blames the two fishermen for their own deaths.

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