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China Offshore Leak

The China State Oceanic Administration is blaming Conoco Phillips for an offshore leak on the country’s biggest offshore oilfield.

The Platform B leak on the Penglai 19-3 oilfield began on 4 June, a the leak from Platform C on the same oilfield began on 17 June. According to the State Oceanic Administration’s environmental protection unit, the resulting leak polluted more than 840 km² of ocean.  Much of the leak has already been cleaned up, and according to sources, there is no sheen of oil covering the surface of the sea.  However, a little oil can be seen near the two platforms.

According to the China State Oceanic Administration, Conoco Phillips China is responsible for the leak and the resultant damage. The company may be fined up to $30,946, however Phillips is likely to pay much more in economic and ecological damages.

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