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CG Invites Comment on Towboat Inspections

The US Coast Guard has announced a series of meetings to be held in Virginia, Missouri, Louisiana and Washington inviting public comments on the agency’s proposed towing vessel inspection programs.

The agency has published notice inviting comments on the NPR. The first meeting will be held at Newport News, Virginia on October 18.  The second meeting will be held on October 24 in St. Louis, Missouri, the third meeting will be held on October 26 in Kenner, Louisiana and the last meeting will be held on November 16 in Seattle.

In August, the Coast Guard published its notice of proposed rulemaking governing the inspection of towing vessels.  Earlier this year, the Coast Guard also began preparing towing companies for the soon-to-be announced new rules, initiating a program to help companies meet compliance levels.

The new rules will establish similar standards for both large and small towing companies, and will penalize companies that fail to maintain stringent safety standards.

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