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A Crewman sustained a head injury and subsequently fell aboard the fishing vessel Devotion 34 miles southwest of Cordova, Alaska, Saturday

A Coast Guard aircrew medevaced the man safely. To facilitate the hoist, the 51-year-old crewman from the F/V Devotion was transferred to a nearby tug. The Jayhawk’s aircrew safely hoisted the man and transported him to Cordova, where he was transferred to awaiting emergency medical services personnel.

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Coast Guard aircrew medically evacuated a fisherman from a commercial fishing vessel, Zena D, 100 miles out from Pacific City, Oregon, at 7:15am Tuesday morning.

The 37-year-old male reportedly experienced difficulty breathing and numbness in extremities, and was transferred to MEDIX paramedics at the sector’s base.

The radio transmission calling for medical assistance from the vessel Zena D came in at 4:42 a.m.

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An 18-year-old male, suffering from a severe hand injury and possible shock, was medevaced from the fishing vessel Pacific Harvester in Prince William Sound, Alaska, Thursday evening.

A Coast Guard emergency trauma technician treated the crewman while in transit to a Valdez pier where he was transferred to awaiting emergency medical service personnel for higher care.

The master of the Pacific Harvester requested a medevac for the crewmember who was suffering from a hand injury and displaying signs of shock. Coast Guard personnel directed the launch of a Station Valdez boat crew to perform the rescue.

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A Coast Guard helicopter hoisted a 47 year old crewman with a severe leg injury from the fishing vessel Nordic Cross and transported him to Kodiak where he was transferred to awaiting emergency medical services personnel.

The Nordic Cross was in Duck Bay, about 20 miles north of Kodiak, Alaska, Wednesday at the time of the incident.

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The Coast Guard suspended its search Friday for a crewman reported overboard from the 190-foot fishing vessel Cape Greig in Ugashik Bay, Alaska.

A Coast Guard Hercules and a helicopter crew and nine good Samaritan vessels searching a total of 13-square miles along the Ugashik Bay shoreline and up the river failed to locate the man.

The alarm was received on Thursday, at approximately 4:27 p.m.

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The Pacific Pearl was a Good Samaritan vessel rescuing three people from a sinking fishing vessel Leona in Sitka Sound, Alaska, Monday.

dewatering attempts failed. As the Leona continued to sink, the three crewmembers abandoned ship to the good Samaritan fishing vessel Pacific Pearl. The Pacific Pearl transported the Leona crew back to Sitka.

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Seven people were rescued from a life raft in Thorne Bay, Alaska, Friday, after their 58-foot fishing vessel Mystic Lady ran aground and sank.

A Coast Guard boat took the five adults and two children to a Thorne Bay pier in good condition.

The rescue was triggered by a 406 emergency position indicating radio beacon alert and a mayday broadcast via VHF-FM Channel 16 from the master of the Mystic Lady reporting that his vessel struck a rock and was sinking quickly. The master reported that seven people were abandoning ship into a life raft.

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A 50-year-old fisherman suffered a severe hand injury and went into medical shock on board the fishing vessel Myrna Lynn.

Coast Guard medically evacuated the injured fisherman from 13 miles west of the Grays Harbor, Washington, entrance, Monday morning.

The injury was report at 8:15 a.m., Coast Guard medically evacuated the injured crewman from the Myrna Lynn at 9 a.m. and safely transferred him to emergency medical care at Station Grays Harbor in Westport, who transported the patient to Grays Harbor Community Hospital for further care.

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Coast Guard were contacted around 10 a.m. by the fisherman requesting assistance and reporting the 29-foot commercial fishing vessel, the Roni J, was flooding and the onboard pumps were unable to keep up with the rising water.

Coast Guard boat crews rescued the fisherman from his vessel, and safely transported him back to shore, before the Roni J sank about two and a half miles west of the Chetco River entrance, Wednesday, in approximately 216 feet.
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Coast Guard Cutter Naushon rescued four mariners from the 48-foot commercial fishing vessel, after Soulmate became disabled and adrift approximately 57 miles west of Kodiak Island, south of Shelikof Strait, Alaska, Sunday.

The master of the vessel had reported the Soulmate was disabled, adrift and unable to anchor, Saturday.

The Naushon crew towed the mariners to Lazy Bay cannery, Alitak Bay, Alaska.