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A 38-year-old crewman, suffering symptoms of a heart attack, was transported to Air Station Kodiak where he was placed in the care of awaiting EMS. He was taken to Kodiak Providence Hospital.

Coast Guard Juneau received a request for the medevac at about 9 p.m. from the master of the 49-foot longline fishing vessel Resurrection.

The aircrew launched from the air station, arrived on scene and lowered a rescue swimmer with a rescue basket before hoisting the man to the helicopter.

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The Coast Guard medevaced a 57-year-old male injured crew-man from the 210-foot fishing vessel Ocean Rover approximately 65 miles northwest of Cold Bay, Monday.

The crewman had suffered an injury to his finger and was flown to Cold Bay and on to Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage.

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A Coast Guard helicopter crew hoisted a 28-year-old patient suffering symptoms of a respiratory infection from the fishing vessel Golden Alaska approximately 36 miles northwest of Cold Bay. The crew brought her to Cold Bay for further transport to a higher level of medical care.

The helicopter crew had launched from Dutch Harbor and refueled in Cold Bay before arriving on-scene. On-scene weather around the time of the hoist were 26 mph winds and 7-foot seas.

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F/V Destination loss – the Marine Board of Investigation report and Final Action Memo, to be released, Sunday.

This report identifies causal factors for the loss of the Destination and six crew members and the Final Action Memo is the Coast Guard Commandant’s response to the report.

On Sunday, the report may also be accessed at:

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The fishing vessel Vaerdal called for assistance for a crew member reportedly suffering chest pains.

Coast Guard launched a helicopter from the Coast Guard Cutter John Midgett, and medevaced the crewman from the fishing vessel Vaerdal approximately 70 miles north of Cold Bay Monday.

The man was successfully transported to local emergency medical services personnel in Cold Bay.

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An injured crewman, suffering a compound fracture, was medevaced from the fishing vessel Kari Marie approximately 201 miles north of St. Paul, Alaska, Monday.

DisCoast Guard received notification from the fishing vessel Pacific Mariner relaying communications for the fishing vessel Kari Marie for a crew member reported to have suffered a compound fracture while aboard the vessel.

A helicopter crew from St. Paul conducted the medevac. An Air Station Kodiak HC-130 Hercules was diverted to provide communication coverage.

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Good Samaritan fishing vessel Kona Kai recovered five people in a life raft from the sunken commercial fishing vessel Pacific 1, approximately 40 miles west, southwest of Dutch Harbor, Alaska, Friday.

Coast Guard received a distress relay from the Kona Kai regarding the fishing vessel Pacific 1, which was taking on water and listing heavily with five people aboard.

The Kona Kai transited to the last known position of the Pacific 1. A Coast Guard aircrew was able to locate the raft with all five people aboard, and deployed a data marker buoy to mark the location for the Kona Kai to make the rescue.

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The Coast Guard announced a formal marine casualty investigation into the marine casualty of the fishing vessel Mary B II which capsized off Newport, Oregon, January 9, 2019, resulting in the loss of three lives and loss of the vessel.

The crew of the 42-foot fishing vessel Mary B II were attempting to cross the Yaquina Bay Bar when the vessel capsized with all three crewmembers on board. All three crewmembers perished.

The marine casualty investigation will be led by Cmdr. Karen Denny, the executive officer of Marine Safety Unit Portland. Denny, who has served in the Coast Guard for 18 years, has extensive experience in commercial fishing vessel safety and marine casualty investigations. Denny will issue a report of investigation with collected evidence, established facts and conclusions with safety recommendations.

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A Crewman from the Fishing Vessel Juda Lee went overboard about seven miles west of Nome, on Friday. With no life jacket, he was last seen sinking below the water surface by crew aboard his vessel. The Coast Guard at last report is searching for the man.

Several Coast Guard helicopters, including from Kotzebue, have been engage in the search for the man who reportedly had no life jacket approximately 7 miles west of Nome.

Alaska State Troopers reported that the man fell overboard, and that the Juda Lee crew’s attempts to recover him were not successful.