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Captain Arrested for Intoxication

The skipper of a boat that ran aground at the Anchorage small boat harbor has been arrested for boating under the influence. The man was piloting the 53-foot vessel when it struck a pile in the harbor, and continued into the loading ramp. The Coast Guard responded, sending pollution responders and investigators to the scene.

The vessel was carrying up to 200 gallons of diesel fuel. So far, no spill has been reported, the vessel suffered minor damage.  When the Coast Guard officers suspected that the pilot was intoxicated, they called police officers to the scene. Police conducted standard sobriety tests, which the man failed. Officers then conducted an alcohol breathalyzer test, and found that he registered more than one and-a-half times the legal alcohol limit. The captain has been arrested.

In 2010, alcohol was blamed as a factor in 19% of all boating accident fatalities.

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