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Bristol Bay Red King Crab boat inspection

Coast Guard and Alaska Department of Fish and Game are administering voluntary safety checks to 74 Alaska crab boats registered for the Bristol Bay Red King Crab season. The dockside exams in Kodiak and Dutch Harbor will begin on September 27 and are designed to ensure that the vessel’s safety equipment is current and in good working order. The focus of the exam is on life rafts, survival suits, and EPIRBs.

Crab boats participating in the Alaska Red King Crab season leaving port with crab pots aboard must notify the Coast Guard 24 hours prior to departure from port and provide them with the following information: (1) the name and official number of the boat; ( 2) the name of the person making the report; (3) number of crab pots aboard and the number of crab pots permitted by the vessel’s stability report; (4) the expected time of departure. The number of crab pots a boat is permitted to carry varies, depending on the amount of fuel aboard a vessel and the manner in which the vessel is tanked. All crab boats should be sure to test their high and low water alarms in all unmanned compartments. Unintentional flooding of the lazarette has been cited as the cause of multiple crab boat sinkings in Alaska.

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