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BARANOF WIND Grounds and Takes on Water

The 79-foot sightseeing vessel BARANOF WIND apparently hit a rock while in Glacier Bay and began taking on water. The Coast Guard, and the National Park Service responded, the Coast Guard delivered a dewatering pump to BARANOF WIND by helicopter and diverted a cutter to assist.

Good Samaritan VOLENDAM crewmembers took aboard seventy people from BARANOF WIND, while two people were taken aboard a National Park Service boat. Four of the BARANOF WIND crew remained behind to maintain the pumping. Current reports indicate that the flooding has been contained without pollution, and that BARANOF WIND remains stable at anchor with pumps working. The Coast Guard is investigating the cause of the accident and pollution potential, and also is developing a plan with Allen Marine Tours to get BARANOF WIND towed to Sitka for repair.

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