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2 Rescued from Downed Aircraft near Ketchikan

Tribal, Coast Guard and local partners responded to an emergency landing of a Beechcraft airplane with two people aboard in the vicinity of Annette Island, Alaska, Friday.

Metlakatla police and fire rescue boat crews were first to arrive on scene and transported the two survivors to Metlakatla Clinic for medical care.

Reportedly the pilot of the BE18 Beechcraft missed the approach to the Ketchikan Airport due to icing on the airplane, diverted for an emergency landing on Annette Island but had to make an emergency landing in the water in Smuggler’s Cove near Annette Island.

“Metlakatla’s quick response time was critical to locate the two survivors in a remote part of the island,” said Petty Officer 1st Class Breanna Tessier, a Sector Juneau watchstander. “Mission success can be attributed to seamless communications through Federal, Tribal, State and local entities, and we are thankful for their assistance.”

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