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$180,000 Fine for Safety Violations

During a fire and emergency drill aboard OCEANIC DISCOVERER, the chief engineer became trapped in an automatic watertight sliding emergency door in the engine room. He lost consciousness and died at hospital three weeks later.

An investigation by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has lasted three years. AMSA presented to the court that Coral Princess Cruises was out of compliance with numerous Australian safety laws and regulations, including that the crew had not been trained in the operation of the door, nor had Coral Princess Cruises complied with door manufacturer requirements and warnings. Additionally, AMSA furnished evidence to the court that Coral Princess Cruises had failed to take reasonable precautions to protect the safety and health of an employee.

The fine of $180,000 was levied by the Australian court on October 30. This fine is would independent of potential damages sought in any possible law suits.

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