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Pilot and passenger saved from ice and snow

Two survivors of a plane crash were saved at the mouth of the King Salmon River, approximately 184 miles west of Kodiak, Alaska, Monday evening. The weather was reported as three miles of visibility, 11-mph winds and snowing.

A Coast Guard Jayhawk crew hoisted and transported the two survivors to awaiting emergency medical personnel in Kodiak. Both the passenger and the pilot were reported to be in stable condition, the passenger with an apparent arm injury, and the pilot apparent back and neck injuries.

“With the help of local officials and volunteers, we searched and located the downed aircraft on the frozen surface of Ugashik Bay, south of Pilot Point, where we recovered the pilot and passenger from the ice despite driving snow, low visibility and below-freezing temperatures,” said Lt. Cmdr. Thomas Huntley, the Air Station Kodiak pilot on the case. “Both survivors had sustained injuries in the crash, and we were also concerned about their exposure to the cold. Luckily, they had filed a flight plan so we knew the approximate area to locate and rescue them as quickly and efficiently as we were able.

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