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100 Crew Rescued from Fire

A massive fire aboard a fishing boat in the Atlantic Ocean, left approximately 100 crewmembers stranded, before they could be rescued and brought back to shore.

According to news reports, the fire broke out in packing material on board the Athena when the vessel was about 230 nautical miles southwest of the Isles of Sicily.  The approximately 98 crewmembers onboard were forced to abandon ship. The crew members, mostly Russian, Chinese, Peruvian and Scandinavian, floated in the ocean for several hours before they were rescued by a container ship. 13 other crewmembers including the captain, stayed back on the ship to fight the blaze.

The crewmembers were on a boat back to Falmouth, and are expected back on shore late on Thursday. No injuries have been reported, and firefighting crew members are also reported to be safe and sound.

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