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October 14, 2015

$100,000,000 lawsuit filed after sinking

A lawyer representing the family of Lonnie Jordan, an El Faro crew member, has filed a $100 million lawsuit against TOTE Service Inc. and TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico, as well as the El Faro captain. The ship sank off the Bahamas on October 1st, and search and rescue ended after eight days. On October 5th, the U.S. Coast Guard found a body of a crewmember in a survival suit.

The lawsuit was filed family by attorney Willie E. Gary. Gary has accused the company of negligence and putting profit ahead of the lives of its employees. "We hope to get to the bottom of this," Gary said. "We are at war now."

"Tote Services, negligently permitted the El Faro to sail out to sea despite being in an unseaworthy condition to handle the conditions of a violent storm," the lawsuit states.

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October 13, 2015

Distressed mariner given medical escort

A 28-year-old male reportedly experienced symptoms of a seizure aboard a 70-foot fishing vessel approximately 12 miles northwest of the Columbia River entrance, Tuesday night. He was medically assisted by a boatcrew from Coast Guard Station Cape Disappointment

A 47-foot Motor Life Boat crew from Station Cape Disappointment, in Ilwaco, Washington, launched to escort the vessel across the Columbia River bar and brought the vessel to the station around 11:30 p.m., where local emergency medical responders were waiting to transport the man by ambulance to Ocean Beach Hospital.

The crew of the fishing vessel Ocean Beaut contacted Coast Guard Sector Columbia River watchstanders at approximately 8:11 p.m., Tuesday, reporting a crewmember was suffering from symptoms of a seizure and needed medical attention.

At the time of the escort, the Columbia River bar conditions were reported to be 8-to-10 foot swells with 5-to-10 knot winds from the north.

October 13, 2015

Enclosed area death and injury reach unacceptable rates

A shift in the approach to safety management of enclosed spaces on board ships is needed. Fifteen years ago, while working as an independent surveyor, I was carrying out a condition survey on board a bulk carrier. The scope of the survey included testing the emergency generator, located in the steering flat and accessed by an inclined ladder.

Accompanied by the superintendent and the chief engineer, we had no sooner reached the bottom of the space when the chief engineer urgently ordered us all out. By the time we had exited the space, within seconds, we were all in a state of dizziness and confusion, compounded by our inability to comprehend what had just occurred. Further investigation revealed that Freon gas had leaked from refrigeration machinery located in the steering flat and being heavier than air, had migrated into the emergency generator space, displacing breathable air. It was a lucky escape. Victims of asphyxiation in enclosed spaces deficient in oxygen will normally receive no such warning that anything is wrong or have the ability to quickly escape.

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October 1, 2015

Fisherman rescued from 'bear' island

A Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew from Forward Operating Location Cordova hoisted a fisherman from the north side of Montague Island and safely transported him approximately 50 miles southwest of Cordova, Alaska, Wednesday.

Coast Guard Sector Anchorage watchstanders received a request for assistance from the fisherman reporting that his 30-foot fishing vessel was disabled and aground. Watchstanders maintained a communication schedule with the fisherman who later reported he was preparing to abandon ship onto Montague Island, an uninhabited bear relocation site, due to incoming surf. Watchstanders directed the launch of the Cordova Jayhawk aircrew.

Weather on scene was reported as 3-foot seas and 29-mph winds.

September 13, 2015

Jayhawk rescues F/V crew

A Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew rescued three people from a disabled vessel in Bristol Bay, Sunday.

The Jayhawk crew, with an Air Station Kodiak HC-130 Hercules airplane crew flying to support them, safely hoisted the crew from the disabled fishing vessel and transported them to Dillingham.

Coast Guard Sector Anchorage command center watchstanders received a distress call from the 32-foot fishing vessel's operator reporting engine failure and a fear that the vessel would drift onto the nearby rocky shore.

Coast Guard 17th District watchstanders directed the launch of the Jayhawk and Hercules aircrews, who travelled more than 250 miles to perform the rescue.

The vessel ran aground shortly after the completion of the hoist.

Weather on scene was reported as 35-mph winds and 5-foot seas.

September 4, 2015

F/V Sierra Allene sunk

The Coast Guard is responding to the sinking of a fishing vessel in Kelp Bay near Sitka Friday.

Coast Guard personnel from Sector Juneau, the Coast Guard Cutter Maple and Air Station Sitka examined the scene of the sunken 49-foot fishing vessel Sierra Allene and are working with the vessel's owner to mitigate the situation.

Watchstanders from the Sector Juneau command center received a radio call from the crew of the fishing vessel Irish when they discovered a portion of the Sierra Allene jutting out of the water.  The vessel's owner reported the Sierra Allene has approximately 600 gallons of diesel fuel on board.

"The Coast Guard is working with stakeholders and the owner to resolve the situation and protect nearby sensitive areas," said Ens. Charles Fraizzell, Sector Juneau assistant incident management division chief. 

The cause of the sinking is under investigation.  

September 2, 2015

F/V PACIFIC VENTURE Grounded and sinking

A Unified Command has been formed to respond to a vessel sinking and resultant 10-30 gallon oil spill in Sitka, Alaska.

Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Coast Guard Sector Juneau, Coast Guard Marine Safety Detachment Sitka, Sitka Tribe of Alaska, National Park Service and the vessel's owner are working with Sitka City officials to clean up the spill.

The fishing vessel Pacific Venture, a 58-foot seiner, ran aground Tuesday evening and subsequently rolled over around 2 a.m. Wednesday, sinking in approximately 25 feet of water.  The incident occurred in vicinity of The Twins, roughly ½ mile off the mouth of the Indian River in Sitka. 

The vessel owner reports 600 gallons of diesel fuel and 70 gallons of hydraulic and lube oils were on board.  Approximately 10-30 gallons of oil were released into the water.

Southeast Alaska Petroleum Response Organization (SEAPRO) and local responders began deploying boom around the vessel at noon Wednesday.  Boom deployment was complete by 3 p.m.  The Pacific Venture is currently secured to shore by a line to keep it from drifting.  Salvage operations are pending.  No injuries have been reported, and to date there have been no confirmed reports of impacts to wildlife.

"Responders are working diligently to minimize the impact on the environment and the community," said Bob Mattson, State On Scene Coordinator. "Federal, state and local partners continue to work alongside one another for an effective response."

The cause of the grounding is currently under investigation.

Weather on scene is generally sunny, northwest wind of 8-13 knots, seas 1 foot.

August 27, 2015

Injured Fisherman Medevaced

The Coast Guard medevaced an injured fisherman south of San Juan Island, Thursday morning. The fisherman was transported to Olympic Medical Center in Port Angeles in stable condition.

A watchstander at Coast Guard Sector Puget Sound received a radio call via VHF-FM channel 16 at about 7:40 a.m., from the captain of the fishing vessel Mr. Wonderful reporting the injury. The fisherman, a 34-year-old male, was injured when a line parted and snapped back and hit him in the upper body.

The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Wahoo was underway in the vicinity of the incident and immediately responded to assist and arrived on scene at 8:12 a.m. An aircrew from Coast Guard Air Station Port Angeles aboard an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter was launched to perform the medevac. A Lummi Island patrol boat also launched and provided the hoisting platform for the helicopter crew.

Weather on scene was reported to be calm seas with a water temperature of 55 degrees, air temperature of 55 degrees and 10-mile visibility.

August 11, 2015

Coast Guard rescues 2 men from grounded vessel near Ocean Shores, Wash.

Coast Guard Sector Columbia River watchstanders received a mayday call from a 42ft commercial Fishing Vessel TAMARA at 5:47 a.m., stating the vessel had gone aground. Watchstanders immediately directed the launch the helicopter crew and a 47-foot Motor Life Boat crew from Station Grays Harbor. The boat crew was unable to assist due to shallow water.

An MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew, from Coast Guard Air Station Astoria, Ore., extracted the two mariners and safely transferred them to local EMS personnel at Ocean Park for evaluation. 

Personnel from the Sector Columbia River Incident Management Division , as well as spill responders from the Washington Department of Ecology, are on scene to evaluate the grounded vessel. There has been pollution reported, and CG are working with the vessel owner and Global Diving and Salvage, which has been contracted to address the situation," said Petty Officer 1st Class Kyle Owens, a marine science technician at sector. "Sector Columbia River IMD personnel are responding to mitigate and remove the pollution."

Weather on scene was reported as up to 3-foot waves with 5-mile visibility, an air temperature of 58 F and water temperature of 62 F

August 10, 2015

Two rescued from disable F/V YO YO

A man and a pregnant woman were rescued from the disabled 29-foot fishing vessel Yo Yo, homeported in Dillingham, near Togiak in Tvativak Bay Sunday and safely transferred to Togiak.

Watchstanders at the 17th District command center in Juneau received a report from the crew of the Yo Yo that the vessel's engine was disabled and weather conditions were worsening.  17th District watchstanders requested the launch of the Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew from Air Station Kodiak and a C-130 Hercules air plane crew from Kodiak while the crew of the Yo Yo slowly made their way toward safe shelter under minimal power.

The C-130 crew arrived on scene first and monitored the Yo Yo's progress until the vessel's crew reported weather conditions were too dangerous to continue and requested rescue.

There were no reported injuries.  

The weather on scene was reported to consist of 10-foot seas with 35-mph winds and overcast skies.

August 4, 2015

Two rescued from F/V Alaska Catch - Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Two men were rescued from F/V Alaska Catch taking on water near Dutch Harbor Tuesday.

The Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew from Air Station Kodiak hoisted the mariners from the fishing vessel Alaskan Catch and safely transported them to Dutch Harbor.

Watchstanders at the 17th District command center in Juneau received a satellite phone call from the crew of the Alaskan Catch after the vessel began taking on water near Unalga Island east of Dutch Harbor.  The two men aboard the vessel reported the Alaskan Catch was flooding near shore and taking damage due to rocks and waves.  Watchstanders requested the launch of the helicopter crew and a C-130 Hercules airplane crew from Kodiak while the men donned survival suits.

The C-130 crew arrived to the scene to provide visual and radio contact with the men until the MH-60 crew arrived.  Neither of the men was injured.

Weather on scene was reported to consist of 2-8 foot seas and cloudy skies with 15-23-mph winds.

July 28, 2015

Dutch Harbor Medevac

A Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew medevaced an injured mariner from a fish-processing vessel in Beaver Inlet, near Dutch Harbor, Tuesday.

The Dolphin helicopter crew launched from Cold Bay, where they were staged overnight for a different case, and safely hoisted the injured man for transport to emergency medical services in Dutch Harbor.

The crew of the Northern Victor, a 360-foot fish-processing vessel, notified the Coast Guard 17th District command center of the injured crewmember, reportedly suffering from a swollen leg, Tuesday morning.

After transporting the injured man to Dutch Harbor, commercial services arranged a flight out of Dutch Harbor to a higher level of medical care.

Weather on scene was reported as light wind and calm seas.

July 27, 2015

Fishing vessel taking on water near Valdez, Alaska

A Coast Guard Station Valdez, Alaska, boatcrew responded to a 30-foot fishing vessel taking on water near Valdez, Monday.

The boatcrew transferred a dewatering pump and damage control kit to the two boaters and assisted them in controlling the onboard flooding before escorting the vessel to Cordova.

Coast Guard Sector Anchorage watchstanders received a report from the crew aboard Fishing Time of the vessel taking on water due to a four-inch crack in its hull. Watchstanders launched the Station Valdez 45-foot Response Boat-Medium boatcrew to the scene. 

"The capability of our boatcrews to transport dewatering pumps to vessels can often prevent a small problem from turning into a life-or-death situation," said Petty Officer 1st Class Jason Yonk, a Sector Anchorage watchstander. "It's always good for a mariner to be proactive and not wait until the last minute to notify the Coast Guard."

Weather on scene was reported as 4-foot seas and 15 mph winds.

July 22, 2015

F/V Flying Fish crew saved in Oregon

WARRENTON, Ore. -- Coast Guard rescued three fishermen off a 30-foot fishing vessel sinking 19 miles off of Tillamook Bay, Tuesday.

The fishermen were safely hoisted from their Garibaldi based fishing vessel, Flying Fish, at 2:30 p.m. and transferred to awaiting emergency medical services at Coast Guard Station Tillamook Bay in Garibaldi.

Search-and-rescue watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Columbia River in Warrenton, responded to a mayday call from the crew of the fishing vessel shortly after 2 p.m., stating their vessel was taking on water. The watchstanders diverted the crews of an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter from Coast Guard Air Station Astoria and a 47-foot Motor Life Boat from Station Tillamook Bay.

"This case is an excellent example of what to do in an emergency on the water," said Lt. Cmdr. James Gibson, Jayhawk helicopter pilot at Air Station Astoria. "The fishermen contacted the Coast Guard in a timely manner, were prepared with an emergency beacon, a back up radio, life jackets and immersion suits. Their preparation helped ensure their safety and made it easy for us to find them."

After the Jayhawk crew safely rescued the fishermen, the MLB crew continued to the vessel's last known location. Upon arrival to the area at 3:15 p.m., the crew reported that the fishing vessel had sunk and a debris field and an oily sheen were all that remained.
The vessel was carrying an unknown amount of fuel when it sank.

The cause of the sinking is unknown at this time.

The weather and sea conditions were reported as 6 to 10-foot seas with wind speeds of 11mph and gusts up to 27mph. 

July 10, 2015

F/V Flying Finn captain Medevaced

A fishing vessel captain reportedly suffering from a stroke 27 miles off Gold Beach, Friday.

The captain was stabilized by a 47-foot Motor Life Boat crew from the Rogue River Search and Rescue Detachment in Wedderburn, who safely transferred the captain to local emergency medical crews in Gold Beach.

Sector North Bend watchstanders received a call around 10:40 a.m. from a crewmember aboard the 46-foot fishing vessel Flying Finn stating that his captain was suffering a possible stroke.

The 47-foot Motor Life Boat crew from Rogue River was immediately launched to assist. With two boatcrew members, one an EMT, transferring to the fishing vessel to stabilize the captain before moving him onto the MLB for the transit to Gold Beach.

After safely delivering the captain, the boatcrew returned to the fishing vessel and escorted the remaining crewmember south, where they met an MLB crew, from Station Chetco River, who took over and finished the vessel escort into Brookings.