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March 25, 2008

Alaska Ranger sinks, some crew rescued.

Crew members of the Alaska Warrior struggled to find and rescue the survivors of their sunken sister ship in the Bering Sea, none had a greater personal stake than engineer Edward Cook.

Cook's brother, Daniel, was chief engineer aboard the Seattle-based Alaska Ranger, which sank in 36-degree waters several hours after it issued a "mayday" call early Sunday 120 miles west of Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

Edward and Daniel Cook both began fishing as youngsters. Both served in Vietnam as Marines, and both had long accepted the risks that come with their profession, said a niece, Amy Roman, of Seattle.

By the time the Warrior pulled close to its sister ship's position, the Ranger's crew had abandoned ship. While some made it into life rafts, others floated haplessly in frigid waters, their beacons flashing in the blackness.

Roman said she's been told that it was Edward Cook who eventually found his brother's body. "My Uncle Eddie was pulling people out of the water -- he was looking for Danny, and when he did pull Danny out, he just broke down," she said.

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