June 24, 2015

Coast Guard medevacs woman

KODIAK, Alaska -- The Coast Guard medevaced a 71-year-old woman from Anderson Island in Sheep Bay near Cordova, Alaska, Wednesday morning.

A Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew, forward deployed in Cordova, picked up the woman from a nearby beach and transported her to Providence Valdez Medical Center in Valdez, Alaska.

The crew of Coast Guard Cutter Sycamore relayed a medevac request to Coast Guard 17th District command center watchstanders for the woman experiencing difficulty breathing. A Sycamore small boat crew was launched with emergency medical personnel aboard to assess the woman's condition. After assessment, watchstanders briefed the duty flight surgeon who recommended the medevac.

Weather at the time of the incident was reported as 6 mph winds, 2-foot seas and 10 miles visibility.

June 16, 2015

Coast Guard rescues 2

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- An Air Station Kodiak MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter aircrew, forward deployed to Cordova, rescued two men and two dogs after their boat became disabled in Little Susitna River, near Anchorage, Tuesday.

The aircrew hoisted the men and dogs and safely transported them to Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

Coast Guard District 17 watchstanders received a report from concerned friends after the men notified them via text that their vessel was disabled and they did not have any other means of communication. Coast Guard Sector Anchorage watchstanders assumed command of the case and requested the launch of the Jayhawk aircrew to establish communication with the men.

The aircrew arrived on scene and, after assessing the situation, directed the men to paddle to shore and anchor their vessel.  

June 14, 2015

Coast Guard medevacs woman from Norwegian Sun

JUNEAU, Alaska -- A Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew forward-deployed to Cordova medevaced a 63-year-old woman from the cruise ship Norwegian Sun near Yakutat, Sunday.

The aircrew hoisted the woman and safely transported her to Cordova Community Medical Center.

Coast Guard 17th District watchstanders received a report from the captain of the Norwegian Sun that the woman was suffering from abdominal complications. The watchstanders consulted with the duty flight surgeon, who recommended a medevac, and directed the launch of the forward-deployed aircrew.

Weather on scene was reported as light and variable winds and calm seas.

June 13, 2015

Coast Guard assists disabled vessel

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Coast Guard Cutter Munro crewmembers and a Coast Guard Auxiliary crew assisted two men when their vessel was disabled in Chrome Bay, near the mouth of Cook Inlet, Saturday.

Coast Guard Sector Anchorage watchstanders received a report from a concerned family member Friday that the Sea Venture, a 33-foot fishing vessel homeported in Kenai, was disabled and unable to establish communication over the radio.

Crewmembers from the Coast Guard Cutter Munro diverted to Cook Inlet and established radio communications with the two men Saturday morning but were not able to take the vessel in tow due to water depth.

After arriving on scene, crewmembers from the Munro launched a small boat to assist the men in attempting to repair the vessel. The crew determined the Sea Venture would need to be towed from Chrome Bay.

An auxiliary crew consisting of members from Homer and Anchorage responded and towed the vessel to Homer. The Munro crew escorted and maintained communications with the auxiliarists until they were able to establish communications with Sector Anchorage watch standers.

The weather on scene was reported as 17-mph winds and calm seas.

June 10, 2015

4 Rescued from F/V Kupreanof

JUNEAU, Alaska -- A Coast Guard Air Station Sitka aircrew rescued four men from a life raft in Fairweather Grounds between Cross Sound and Yakutat Bay, Wednesday morning.
The aircrew hoisted the men and transported them safely to emergency medical services at Air Station Sitka.

Sector Juneau watchstanders received a mayday call from the captain of the Kupreanof, a 73-foot fishing vessel homeported in Petersburg, reporting that the vessel was taking on water. Watchstanders directed the launch of an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter from Air Station Sitka.

The aircrew arrived on scene as the Kupreanof crewmembers began entering their life raft. Once the crewmembers were in the life raft, the aircrew began hoisting the men into the helicopter.

"The crew of the Kupreanof did the right thing by calling for help, putting on their immersion suits and safely abandoning the ship," said Lt. Ben Neal, a pilot at Air Station Sitka.  "Emergencies can occur at any time and having the right safety equipment is critical when operating in Alaska's extreme environment."

All four mariners were reported in good condition. Coast Guard personnel will attempt to determine the cause of the sinking.

Weather on scene was 10-mph winds and 7-foot seas.

June 9, 2015


JUNEAU, Alaska -- A Coast Guard Station Juneau boatcrew medevaced a 75-year-old man from the cruise ship Celebrity Infinity in Lynn Canal near Point Retreat, Alaska, Tuesday morning.

The boatcrew brought the ailing man to emergency medical services in Auke Bay for transfer to Bartlett Regional Hospital.

A crewmember from the Celebrity Infinity contacted Coast Guard District 17 watchstanders Monday evening requesting a medevac for the man who was suffering from symptoms of cardiac arrest.

After assessing the situation, watchstanders launched a 45-foot Response Boat - Medium crew from Station Juneau Tuesday morning to meet the Celebrity Infinity in Lynn Canal.
The RB-M crew rendezvoused with Capital City Fire Rescue personnel in Statter Harbor where an ambulance was waiting to take the man to the hospital.

June 5, 2015

Grounded barge Bethel, Alaska

Coast Guard is responding to a barge grounded on the Kongiganak River near Bethel Friday.

The barge DBL165-1 grounded Wednesday with 50,000 gallons of jet fuel, 17,000 gallons of diesel fuel and 1,000 gallons of regular unleaded fuel aboard while being pushed by the tug vessel Nanchik. Attempts at re-floating the barge at high tide have failed.

An examination of the barge revealed no damage to the tanks or hull. A Coast Guard C-130 Hercules plane crew from Air Station Kodiak conducted an over flight of the vessel. No pollution or injuries have been reported.

"Our way forward is to continue working with the vessel owner and response crews to re-float the barge," said Cmdr. Shane Montoya, deputy commander, Sector Anchorage. "The safety of responders and the environment are our top priorities, and there have not been any reports or signs of pollution."

A Coast Guard pollution responder and marine inspector are scheduled to conduct onsite assessments of the response.

The weather on scene is calm with good visibility.

June 4, 2015

Medevac from DS PATRIOT

A Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew deployed aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Sherman medevaced a crewmember from the DS Patriot, a 996-foot long container vessel, approximately 58 miles southeast of Dutch Harbor Wednesday night. 

Watchstanders from Marine Safety Unit Dutch Harbor received an email from the crew of the DS Patriot requesting the medevac of a 33-year-old man reportedly suffering symptoms of pneumonia.

The MH-65 helicopter crew hoisted the man and transported him to Dutch Harbor.  The man was then transferred to EMS personal and flown to Anchorage for further treatment.

"Coast Guard Dolphin helicopter crews often deploy aboard flight deck equipped cutters throughout Alaska," said Petty Officer 1st Class Amy Canny, a watchstander at 17th District Command Center. "They are valuable assets that help us respond to mariners in distress throughout the state."

The weather on scene was reported as 17 mph winds and 6-foot seas.

June 3, 2015

Medevac from GRAND PRINCESS Juneau, Alaska

The Coast Guard medevaced an 85-year-old man from the cruise ship Grand Princess in Gastineau Channel Wednesday evening.

The captain of the Grand Princess contacted Sector Juneau watchstanders requesting a medevac for the man who was suffering from symptoms of a stroke. 

Watchstanders launched a 45-foot Response Boat - Medium crew from Station Juneau to meet the Grand Princess and transfer the man to emergency medical personnel on shore. The man was transported by ambulance to Bartlett Regional Hospital in Juneau.

"The captain of the Grand Princess acted quickly contacting the Coast Guard and turning the ship around," said Scott Giard, Sector Juneau duty watchstander. "We are grateful to be able to get this man the help he needs." 

June 2, 2015

Good Samaritans rescue boaters in Alaska

Local mariners came to the aid of a vessel in Pigot Bay near Whittier Friday and two vessels near Valdez and Kodiak Monday.

The 38-foot vessel Molly B was disabled in Pigot Bay due to engine trouble Friday. The operator contacted Coast Guard Sector Anchorage watchstanders who issued a Marine Assistance Request Broadcast over VHF/FM radio, channel 16. The crew of the vessel Sea Sport responded and stayed on scene until the crew of another vessel, the High Velocity, arrived to assist in repairs and escort the Molly B safely into Whittier Harbor.

Monday evening, the crew of the vessel Noni B contacted the Sector Anchorage command center to report they were disabled and adrift approximately three miles north of Hinchinbrook Island. Sector Anchorage dispatched a 45-foot Response Boat - Medium crew from Station Valdez to respond, and the crew of the vessel Lena Claire responded to the MARB.  The crew of the Lena Claire took the Noni B in tow, anchored the vessel in Sung Cove and safely transferred the three passengers to Valdez.

Also Monday evening, the crew of the fishing vessel Mariner reported being disabled and adrift in Shelikof Strait near Kodiak. Watchstanders at the Sector Anchorage command center lost communications with the Mariner and dispatched a Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew to locate the Mariner and regain communication. The crew of the fishing vessel Vaerdal responded and towed the Mariner safely into Kodiak City today.

"The Coast Guard appreciates members of the community for using their time and resources to aid fellow mariners in their time of need," said Coast Guard Cmdr. Shawn Decker, chief of response, Sector Anchorage. "These cases illustrate how invaluable good Samaritans are to the Coast Guard and boating community."

May 27, 2015

UPDATE: Cleanup aboard Thor's Hammer

A Unified Command consisting of representatives from the Coast Guard, Department of the Interior, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, City of Seldovia and the responsible party, formed to respond to a 6,000 gallon diesel fuel discharge into the Gulf of Alaska has completed fuel removal from the damaged tank trailer aboard the motor vessel Thor's Hammer Tuesday. 

Response crews and contractors from Alaska Chadux Corporation removed the 3,000 gallons of diesel fuel remaining in the punctured tank, as well as 28 bags of oily waste collected by the motor vessel Thor's Hammer's crew. The 6,000 gallons of spilled diesel is no longer recoverable due to weathering and evaporation. 

A Western Alaska Captain of the Port Order required the motor vessel Thor's Hammer to remain in Seldovia until the vessel was cleaned and determined to be safe for transit to Homer.  The vessel was later authorized to proceed to Homer where Coast Guard Marine Safety Detachment Homer personnel are scheduled to conduct a safety examination.  The Captain of the Port Order also required the Thor's Hammer to remain in Homer until determined safe for commercial operation.  The Coast Guard is currently conducting an investigation into the operations of the vessel.
"Ensuring safe navigation and preventing environmental impacts on the vital waters of Western Alaska are two of my highest priorities," said Capt. Paul Mehler III, Captain of the Port, Western Alaska.  "As such, our crews have been working closely with other members of the Unified Command to reduce the risk of further impact to the environment."  

May 25, 2015


A Coast Guard Air Station Sitka MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew medevaced an ailing mariner from Deep Bay, 25 miles north of Sitka, Sunday.

The Jayhawk crew safely hoisted the 68-year-old man from the Western Profit, a 62-foot charter vessel, and transferred him to Sitka Community Hospital.

Coast Guard Sector Juneau command center watchstanders received a report from the crewmembers of the Western Profit that the mariner was suffering from chest pains.

"During the summer months there is increased activity on the water, and our crews stand watch around the clock," said Cmdr. Patrick Hilbert, deputy commander, Sector Juneau. "We train for situations such as this in order to assist and transport mariners in distress."

Weather on scene was reported as 5 mph winds and 3-foot seas.

May 24, 2015

Fuel spill in Cook Inlet, Alaska

Personnel from the Coast Guard, Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service, Alaska Department of Conservation, Bureau of Indian Affairs and Cook Inlet Regional Citizen Advisory Council are responding to a report of a landing craft with a punctured fuel tanker on board in southeastern Cook Inlet, south of Port Graham, Saturday.

The crew of a 116-foot landing craft, Thor's Hammer, were transiting from Seward to Bristol Bay when the vessel reportedly encountered heavy seas which caused a breach in the 9,000-gallon diesel-fuel tanker on board.

The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Mustang, a 110-foot patrol boat, has been diverted to the vessel's location.

The owner of Thor's Hammer contracted the Alaska Chadux Corporation to assist in containing and cleaning up the fuel.

"Our primary objective is to mitigate any potential environmental impact and to ensure the safety of all response personnel," said Capt. Paul Mehler III, commander, Coast Guard Sector Anchorage. "The Coast Guard is continuing to work alongside federal, state and local agencies in response to the spill."

Weather on scene is reported as southeast winds at 20 mph and 1-foot seas.

May 23, 2015


Coast Guard incident management crews are monitoring a sunken fishing vessel for pollution and hazard to navigation concerns in the Ilwaco Channel near Ilwaco, Wash., Saturday. There is a potential of 500 gallons of diesel fuel aboard the vessel.

At 5:38 a.m., watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Columbia River in Warrenton, Ore., received a report from a good Samaritan via VHF-FM channel 16 that the 37-foot fishing vessel Four Forty had struck a piling in Ilwaco channel.

The good Samaritan rescued the two people aboard Four Forty before the vessel sank approximately 100 yards east of the "A" Jetty in about 40 feet of water.

Coast Guard pollution responders and investigators arrived on scene around 8:40 a.m. and are actively monitoring the situation. A light sheening has been reported in the area.

The owner of Four Forty is working with a salvage company to remove the vessel from the channel. Its position has been marked by a red cherry buoy and Coast Guard watchstanders have issued a Safety Marine Information Broadcast to alert mariners in the area.

 "We are asking all mariners to steer clear of the area around the sunken vessel," said Petty Officer 1st Class J.M. "Mike" Bennett, situations unit controller at Sector Columbia River. "The crews on scene are working to mitigate any potential pollution and remove the vessel as quickly as possible."

May 21, 2015

2 Rescued from ELLA BELLA

Coast Guard crews rescued two people after their vessel ran aground three miles east of Port Angeles, Wash., Thursday.

An MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station Port Angeles hoisted the two people and transferred them to awaiting EMS at the station with no reported injuries at 7:39 p.m.

The captain of the 32-foot recreational vessel Ella Bella contacted watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Puget Sound in Seattle via VHF-FM channel 16 around 5:15 p.m., stating that his vessel had lost power and was dragging anchor.

The man requested help contacting a vessel assist company to tow his vessel to shore. Watchstanders attempted to connect him with an available company, but representatives faced difficulties establishing communication with the vessel captain.

The Dolphin aircrew and a 45-foot Response Boat-Medium from Coast Guard Station Port Angeles launched to assist around 5:42 p.m. The RB-M crew was unable to approach the vessel due to shallow water depth.

At 5:57 p.m., the captain of Ella Bella called Coast Guard watchstanders again, stating that he and his passenger were abandoning ship into their life raft. 

The two people on the life raft drifted toward shore. The Dolphin crew lowered their rescue swimmer to the beach and hoisted the two people into the helicopter. 

"Our crews performed exceptionally during this dynamic case," said Eric Cookson, command duty officer at Sector Puget Sound. "The shallow water depth and high winds made the rescue particularly challenging, but they were able to think on their feet and get the two people the help they required."

Ella Bella remains hard aground three miles east of Port Angeles. The owner is working with a vessel assist company to remove the vessel.